I had tried numerous other odor and stain removers, none of which removed the odor, and stain left behind by my cats. I then tried Dr. Bob's Eliminator and within two treatments all odor and stain was gone! I highly recommend the Eliminator.


Taking our dog on vacation seemed like a good idea until he left a horrifying smell on the carpet in the car. We tried everything to get it out, but nothing worked. Then we tried Eliminator. In about two hours the smell was gone and it never came back.


Originally I used Eliminator to remove cat urine stain and odor from the sofa. It worked perfectly. Then my husband spilled red wine on the same sofa. I used Eliminator and again, no stain.


We have three male dogs. Where one urinates, the other two are sure to follow. No matter how well we cleaned, nothing took out the smell for a dog’s nose. Our vet recommended Eliminator. No more puddles at the bottom of the staircase.


My son plays center field. Who invented white baseball pants, anyway? Thanks, Eliminator, for taking out the grass stains!


Thanks to Eliminator, I love my cat again.


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